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  3. dinsdag, maart 28 2017, 11:34 AM
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HI, we have just purchased your Product Sale and Cost Price module and downloaded/installed the Product Sale and Cost Price-v1.2-for-OC2.3.x which I assume is the latest version??
It has been installed on a opencart site with Version using Yourstore theme.
The 'Products Purchased Report' is working correctly however nothing is showing on the Catalog > Product List and nothing on the Product data tab.
I assume this is because we are not using the default opencart theme.
Can you help correct the issue?
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Dennis Buijs Accepted Answer

Yes, the issue is you theme. The theme uses different php files for product management starting with mproduct. I have made a change in the vqmod xml file owc_productsalecostprice.xml so it supports now the product management of your theme.

Next time you upload a new version, you only have to change the fourth line into <!ENTITY product "mproduct">.

Best regards
Thank you
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