1. Martin Grob
  2. PHP Replace Anywhere
  3. maandag, november 21 2016, 12:55 PM
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Don't get PHP fragment to show correctly. Maybe misunderstood how to use it.
I configured the fragment (attachment 1)
I "called" it in the text (Journal Theme footer) (attachment 2)
That's what shows on front page (attachment 3)
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Dennis Buijs Accepted Answer
Hi Martin

Very sorry for my late reaction, something went wrong with the email of your question.

Is see you have two thinks, one use always the php code editor in the fragment itself. The other thing is the fragment is not showing up, this is always something to do with the parsing elements in the setting tab in combination of the include templates not correct.

In he module settings you have also the possibility to display elements in front, only for your ipaddress, or log elements so you can find the write element name.

If you need help, send me you site admin login / ftp settings and maybe the template files so I can make a better support for this template. You can send it to support@openwebcreations.eu

Best regards
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