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  2. Store contact page with Googlemap
  3. zondag, december 30 2018, 05:28 PM
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Is there something special that needs to be done for "Store Contact page with Googlemaps" extension to work on OC
I have checked your demo shop so I know it works, but unfortunately not in my shop.

- I have vqmod installed
- I uploaded everything from upload folder to the root of my shop (which added owc_store_contact_with_googlemaps.xml and owc_store_contact_with_googlemaps_twig.xml to vqmod/xml folder)
- In the System/Settings/Store the field for "Google Maps API key" has appeared and I have entered the API key.
- In the System/Settings/Store I have entered the Geocode.

But on the Contact page the map doesn't appear:

After that I installed Vqmod manager and from the OC dashboard I see that Googlemap extension files are recognized:

There are no errors in the log or on Contact page.

After it didn't work on my current site I set up new clean site with OC and installed only vqmod and your Googlemap v1.3 extension, nothing else; still the map doesn't appear.

Thank you in advance.
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